Residential Interior/Exterior – Award of Merit
Private Residence

200 res ct stone exteriorClick photo to enlargeStone Supplier: Connecticut Stone Supplies Inc., Milford, Conn. (MIA honoree)
Architect: Swaback Partners PLLC
Construction Managers: Spencer and Associates
Interior Design: Studio V LLC
Stone Installers: Martany Tile, MJB Construction LLC, Cobuzzi Masonry

Stone: Cara Grande marble, Persian onyx, Azul Bahia granite, Azul Aran granite, Red Jasper marble, Sodalite, Caravaggio marble, Gialllo Sienna marble, Noir St. Laurent marble

Exterior walls of Old Spruce Mountain Stone flow seamlessly to enrich the interior. The interior stone floors consist mainly of Cara Grande marble with selected use of complementary stone where special patterns have been used to dramatize certain architectural spaces. An irregular kitchen island countertop consists of Azul Aran granite with a triple-laminate, reverse-bevel edge. The guest-level powder room, referred to as “The Jewel Box,” consists of multi color Persian onyx and Red Jasper marble arranged in angular patterns that connect across the floor, extend up the four walls and cross the ceiling. 200 res ct stone interiorClick photo to enlarge

Two additional guest bathrooms feature piano-key stone-floor patterns that turn up the wall. The custom wine room tabletop features Tiger Eye blue, a hand-inlay of semi-precious stones. The master bathroom features a 12’ elliptical floor medallion consisting of Bianco Laso marble, with angular and circular pieces. In all, the interior utilizes 27 species of stone, mainly from the Verona region.


Residential Interior/Exterior – Award of Merit
Private Residence

200 private exterior dee brownClick photo to enlargeStone Installer: Dee Brown Inc., Garland, Texas (MIA honoree)
Architect: Larry E. Boerders Architects
General Contractor: Sebastian & Associates
Stone Suppliers: Mezger Enterprises, Texas Quarries

Stone: Texas Lueders limestone

Inspired by classic Italian Palladian architecture, the estate includes a 29,000 ft² home, a four-car garage inclusive of servants quarters, and a pool cabana/pavilion. Expansive areas of hardscape connect buildings on the property. The main exterior cladding is Texas Lueders limestone, used for wall panels as well as plinths, window surrounds, balustrade assemblies, solid columns, and cornices. In a method of old-world construction, the limestone was fabricated to plus-zero in tolerance to accommodate 1/8” lime-mortar joints. “Border stones” were utilized with the lime-mortar joints system to interlock the stone façade to the CMU wall behind.200 private pool cabana dee brownClick photo to enlarge

Large stone column and window assemblies make up the east and west façades. These load-bearing elements support the pediment assemblies and structure; the arches at the Pavilion were also designed as load-bearing, where pediment kneelers were cut from two separate carved pieces and epoxied together. Weighing 7,200 lbs each, the kneelers had to be set with a 180-ton crane in order to reach over two very large existing oak trees. The garage and pool cabana were constructed with the same stone-cladding system, and with similar load-bearing elements.