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GoodFellas Granite & Marble Fabrication is a local resource for granite and marble located in Bernville, Pa. – about halfway between Allentown and Harrisburg, the state capital. They offer hundreds of slabs on-site in an expansive warehouse, and they have a showroom for consumers and designers to get ideas/inspiration.

200 tonyTony Daskus started the business two years ago, but he and his team have more than 34 years of experience in the business – many of the shop artisans can boast 12-15 years, and know their way around stone. They also have trained in advanced materials such as Dekton® by Cosentino.

Every month since GoodFellas opened, they have posted sales growth. In a delicate time when many business struggle – this new company is “taking off.”

What’s their secret recipe? We asked Tony to tell us more ….

Why did you name the company GoodFellas?

Tony: It’s my favorite movie and I figured people wouldn’t forget the name.


800 dropinWith this job, the customers had a hard time choosing a sink color; shoud it be BLANCO's Biscuit, or Café Brown? GoodFellas always gives their customers two options for visual, whether they want to go one route or another. For this kitchen, with Luxus granite offering hues of gold, cream and brown, the Biscuit sink may be muted – too close of a match. With Café Brown, they could incorporate some contrast to the counters. BLANCO sinks are GoodFellas’ best recommendation for quality and durability.


You mention being a “Quality First” shop – what does that mean to you?

Tony: In the past, fabrication was a generational business, passed down through craftsman. But today, it’s all about quickness and price. It’s a mass-production business. I wanted to bridge that gap and be a “Quality First” shop. We offer competitive prices – not the cheapest.

We do it fast – but we won’t cut corners. If it takes eight series of grits to polish an edge, we use 8 grits. Our product is going to stand the test of time.

I tell my customers that my wife and I like to eat out a lot, and I don’t want to duck anyone in a restaurant. So I still go out to inspect the jobs. I may not become a millionaire – but I can be proud of the work we do.

Why BLANCO Sinks?

Tony: We don’t give away cheap sinks. I don’t want to do a great granite job and then have a problem later on. BLANCO is a quality product and we’ve never had an issue with it. This goes with our “Quality First” mission. We won’t give away things for free. When have you ever received anything of quality free?

We use a lot of BLANCO SILGRANIT because not everyone wants stainless steel. They offer a good product that’s trouble-free, with good templates and a wide range of colors. We even have BLANCO on display in our showroom.


800 dropinAccording to GoodFellas, the customers already had a lot of contrast in the room, and they needed something to lighten up and liven up their kitchen. They selected LG Viatera® Minuet quartz for their kitchen counters, and kept their island in New Caledonia granite. The kitchen also features a BLANCO SILGRANIT® single bowl sink in Café Brown, medium hardwood floors, two-toned cabinetry and stacked-stone backsplash.


What is a fun fact that your average customer doesn’t know about stone?

Tony: A lot of our customers wonder if granite can tolerate extreme heat. And they are often surprised that it can. Not just your average hot pot or frying pan, either.

The reason for this is that hard minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica - which are fused together under intense heat and pressure that cooled over time, form granite. An open flame placed under the granite will have no melting effect and will not leave any burn or black scar marks!

About BLANCO Sinks and Faucets

300 Blanco sinksBLANCO is the brand of choice in the luxury sink and faucet category for its unparalleled quality and an inspirational breadth of design possibilities. From the precision craftsmanship and artistic creativity of its STEELART brand to the stunning durability of its ground breaking SILGRANIT® collection, BLANCO has proven that the sink is far more than a mere functional element in the kitchen.