KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Braxton-Bragg is showcasing a new go-to-market strategy, updated tagline, new product lines and a new CEO at TISE booth #3307 later this month in Las Vegas.

The company is also upping its presence in the field with additional outside sales staff, to align with the tagline “better service and better value.”

200 braxton bragg“Braxton-Bragg leads the stone industry in service, based on our logistics success and our 100% satisfaction guarantee,” said CEO Rick Stimac. “We are proud of our service levels, and the value we bring to the industry, and are building on that with an increased sales force. In addition, we continue to be committed to supporting the stone industry through our Marble Institute of America (MIA) partnership, sponsoring education events that support the health and growth of the industry.”

Braxton-Bragg is also focusing on partnering with top CNC tooling in the industry for additional offerings. The company recently reestablished its partnership with RYE Corp., selling FabKing and Husky Bridge Saws. A RYE-Corp Rydrator and RYE-Corp Tilt A Slab Table will be featured in the booth.

For the quick capture of the harsh sludge produced by machining and finishing marble, granite, and other stone, the Rydrator is a thrifty solution to a one-step process of cleaning the water reservoir. The Tilt A Slab table allows for one-person operation to lay down a heavy stone slab for effective stone fabrication, or when cutting the slab with a rail saw.

Daily demonstrations by Akemi and Bonstone are part of each day’s booth agenda. Also, Laser Products will be demoing their laser template machine in the booth throughout the show.

Visitors to the booth can also meet Stimac, the new Braxton-Bragg CEO. With more than 25 years experience, Stimac was most recently Vice President/Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Gustave A. Larson Co., the Midwest, Plains and Mountain States’ leading wholesale distributor of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, parts and supplies. Stimac’s background includes successful leadership assignments in sales, brand management, general management and as President and CEO. Formerly, Stimac had stints at Allen Co./Play Sports Co., Sportcraft LTD, Classic Sport Companies & Huffy Sports Corp.

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