OBERLIN, Ohio & CHESTERTOWN, N.Y. – There’s a new and revised edition available for Women in Stone’s “Wine & Stone” program.

250 winestoneClick image to enlargeAvailable through MIA+BSI, the new program includes a revised CEU presentation that covers 10 stones and places a greater emphasis on the correlation between wine and stone.

The revised program’s kits also incorporate new branding, new stone samples, a preparation tutorial and other items to ensure a memorable CEU event.

“Our goal in revising the program was to offer an all-inclusive presentation, including an education forum and networking initiative,” said Kim Dumais of Miller Druck Specialty Contracting and Women in Stone co-chair. “Our hope is that this program will offer another opportunity for the stone industry to engage and educate the design community about natural stone, a topic we are all so passionate about. Just like no two stones are alike, no two wines are alike—the connection is natural!”

To schedule a Wine & Stone event, contact Sarah Gregg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Visit www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/womeninstone to learn more.

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