FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Hartmut Hinss, owner of Diatool Machines LLC, is transferring sole distributorship of Yonani Industries LTD to Miles Supply Inc. as of Jan. 1.

200 miles yonanHinss has represented Yonani successfully for the last 17 years and is looking forward to working with Miles Supply for a smooth transition with no interruption in service to customers.

Israel-based Yonani, founded in 1993, offers a wide selection of stone-cutting machinery, catering mainly to hardscape and thin-veneer production. Miles Supply of Barre, Vt., has provided products and services to the stone industry since 1954.

Hinss stated that Miles Supply’s five locations in Vermont, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Texas, along with its nearly 50 employees, will be able to cover the market better and can offer a great technical service to the benefit of the industry.

“We are pleased to be able to finally make this announcement,” said Hinss, “and I look forward to working with Miles Supply in the future.”

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