ORLANDO, Fla. – After 17+ years, DuPont retired the Zodiaq® brand for its Canadian-made quartz surfaces.

Beginning at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) on Jan. 9, the company’s products now appear under the Corian® Quartz banner.

corian q square“The move from DuPont™ Zodiaq® to Corian® Quartz will better align the product to the brand’s design principles and allow Corian® Design to more efficiently and effectively communicate the product offering to the market,” said Julie Eaton, global business director for Corian® Design.

Corian® Design is a global brand concept for the company, including other surfacing products, including the Corian® solid-surface material, cladding system and countertop charging system for personal electronic devices.

“The Corian® Design brand will transform Corian® from a single material,” according to a company statement, “and deliver the brand into the future where it will include a portfolio of offerings including multiple materials, finished products, systems and design solutions all under the name of Corian® and adapting it to the evolving needs of modern society.”

Corian® Quartz also gets a new logo derived from the Corian® Design concept created by Milan-based creative agency GBR Design SAS last year.

All product warranties offered with Zodiaq® installations remain unchanged with Corian® Quartz.

DuPont also launched its “Make Your Space™” campaign at KBIS with the rollout of the Corian® Design brand.

“This year at KBIS, we are celebrating our new global brand and design philosophy that emboldens customers to create spaces that are unique to them,” Eaton said. “Together with our customers and partners, we believe that Corian® Design can make a space by taking the look, feel and functionality of that space to the next level, ultimately elevating the experience one can have within it.”

DuPont inaugurated the Zodiac® brand in mid-2000 after purchasing surface producer Granirex in late 1998. Granirex, using technology from Breton S.p.a., began operations in 1991 in Thetford Mines, Quebec.

Corian Design® is part of the DuPont Safety & Construction within the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, created when Dow Chemical and DuPont merged last Aug. 31. The Specialty Products Division will be hived off into a separate and independent publicly traded company by late this year or early 2019.

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