MACHINERY: Stone Cutter

125 biterTC Industries USA offers an innovative tool for stonemasons, hardscapers, installers to cut thick stone quickly at the jobsite.

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MATERIALS: Enhanced-Surface Quartz

125 eternalCosentino’s new Silestone® products offer sharper look, plus slab-deep veining and highlights.

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MACHINERY: Horizontal Edge Polisher/Profiler

125 ltzMulti-spindle line of machines able to handle stone as thick as 10cm.

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MACHINERY: Five-Pad Lifter

125 weha lifter 0Weha vacuum-powered hauler offers multiple lift configurations.

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MATERIALS: Quartz Overlay

125 transformCaesarstone surfaces now available in 1.3cm thickness for existing-surface upgrade.

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MATERIALS: Porcelain Slab

125 WZ psWalker Zanger offers series of 1.2cm slabs for countertops, other large surfaces.

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125 marco cutoutStandalone unit from BACA Systems includes the ability to utilize DXF files from CAD/CAM and templating programs.

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125 MetroArchitectural Marble & Granite offers new colors and affordable value line.

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MATERIALS: Expanded Quartz Palette

125 MSIMSI boasts new colors and trade-targeted video.

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125 FCQuick, automatic milling of sills and thresholds from Ferrari & Cigarini

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MATERIALS: Marble-Look Quartz

125 qmasterTwo new varieties from Quartz Master.

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INSTALLATION: Safe Transport

125 SHSANew reinforcement system from Omni Cubed include stronger vacuum with longer battery life.

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125 GEOLUXENew process from SCG brings marble-like quality to hard surfaces with Pyrolithic Stone™.

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