WILMINGTON, Del. – DuPont is partnering with Protect Plus Surfaces LLC to introduce a new residential- and commercial-warranty plan for natural-stone countertops.

The DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Warranty covers residential countertops for 15 years and commercial countertops for eight years concerning staining – and the warranty ownership is transferable.

The warranty covers granite, marble or quartzite countertops treated with DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer. It includes a guarantee against common household food and beverage stains, and covers replacement labor and materials.

The program also offers a one-year outdoor-countertop warranty of selected granite options. However, etching of natural stone – indoor or outdoor – is not covered.

“DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer is available only through authorized distributors and dealers,” said Steve Wolf, DuPont™ StoneTech® general manager. “The sealer was engineered specifically for natural stone and represents a new standard in stain protection because it is a water-based solution.”

Included with the DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Warranty is a care kit for stone owners that contains DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer and Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector.

Protect Plus Surfaces LLC is a Hickory, N.C.-based company and part of the Lackey Family Group.